Hosted Buyer Program

Hosted Buyers’ Program provides travel and stay subsidy for foreign buyers looking to source Indian content and services from India. Subject to consideration and approval by the IMEC Organising Committee, selected Buyers’ are provided hotel stay and travel assistance as per below:

North America, Latin America, Africa – Hotel accommodation for 3 nights + INR 90,000 towards airfare or actuals, whichever is lower.
Rest of the World – Hotel accommodation for 3 nights + INR 40,000 towards airfare or actuals, whichever is lower.

Registration Fee : Registration Fee of USD 100 (deductible from the reimbursement above).

Qualification Preference: The preference while qualifying buyers is as follows: Broadcasters, OTT Platforms, Fast Channels, MCNs, Distributors, demonstrated co production or outsource work with Indian studios.

Please note:

  • The reimbursement will be paid in equivalent USD at the venue.
  • Travel allowance is computed only on economy airfare as per Ministry of Commerce’s guidelines. If you want to fly any other class, it will be suggested to take an economy ticket and then upgrade it so that the economy fare can be considered for reimbursement.
  • To avoid abuse of the system, the meetings of buyers are only scheduled with sellers and database access is also limited to only sellers’ database.
  • You are expected to fulfil all scheduled speed networking meetings to avail the reimbursement.

Hosted Buyer Application